lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

We are a troubleshooting company "SOLVERS". Loving request for proposals!! Open Innovation!!!!! Somos solucionadores de problemas con propuestas trascendentales de impacto socioeconomico sustentable MDL

Remember our insight from Colombia.

Is so important the science, technology and innovation in the society, to enhance the life conditions by dignity, justice and equity; to build a human being with high ideas to transform the products and services of the traditional economy and then, to walk the richness ways by individuals proposals for requests of the life needs, with high impact socioeconomic for all the dimensions in the population, less energy consumption, less pollution, less pay bills in medicines and high competitiveness for social empowerment with business like engine, caring for natural resources.

We are one humanity.

Less war more work with justice and equity!!!!

Less fuel consumption, less electrical energy consumption, the best resource is efficiency and independence!!! 
Menos consumo de combustibles, menos consumo de potencia eléctrica osea menos en las facturas de servicios públicos; la mejor fuente energética es la eficiencia energética y la independencia!!!

Comunity of RFP's somos empresa solucionadora de desafios sustentables e inclusivos socialmente

Saludos a nuestra comunidad!!!! para adelante siempre. 

Dios los bendiga.

Best regards.

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